Beliefs & Mission

The ETOILE ISD Board of Trustees

is committed to

“Developing Successful Adults, One Student at a Time.”

·       We will base all decisions on what is best for our students.

·       We will treat everyone with honesty, dignity, and respect.

·       We will provide a safe, nurturing educational environment that reflects a commitment to leadership, digital citizenship, service, integrity, character, and high expectations for all students.

·       We will maximize student achievement by providing educational programs that engage all students, by developing a curriculum that emphasizes collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity, and by using high-quality instructional strategies.

·       We will prepare students for success in college, career, or military by promoting leadership, digital citizenship, service, integrity, and character in a nurturing educational environment committed to high expectations for all students.

·       We will attract, develop, and maintain high-quality professionals by offering competitive pay and benefits, and by working collaboratively to determine, meet, and facilitate their specific professional needs.

·       We will welcome, inform, and nurture partnerships with our families and community partners to ensure active involvement in promoting high expectations, strong values, and the academic achievement and success of all students.

·       We will embrace changes that lead to continuous improvement.

·       We will be prudent stewards of our district’s resources to best support student success and educational equity.

Student Outcome Goal

Goal: The percentage of students performing at the Meets Standard or Above for All Grades All Subjects will increase from an average of 21% Spring 2019 to 40% by Spring 2022. (Based on TEA School Report Card data)